Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction

We provide every student with personalized golf instruction that fits their own unique swing characteristics. Lesson types include, but are not limited to, youth golf instruction, kids golf lessons, beginning golf lessons, golf group lessons, golf private lessons, and ladies golf lessons.

Local golf lessons are the quickest and most efficient way to improve your golf swing. Now-a-days there’s tons of content online teaching you how to swing. And a lot of it is great stuff. However, nothing beats an in-person lesson with a teacher that can provide you with a new perspective as well as validation that the things you are working on are actually good for you.

What Does Golf Instruction Include?

  • Lessons will take place in our $50,000 Full Swing Golf indoor simulators with Ion Performance camera
  • We will be able to determine important swing metrics such as club head speed, club path, club face, launch angle, carry distance, total distance, spin rates, etc.
  • Personalized instruction and drills tailored to your unique swing

What is your pricing?

  • One hour: $80
  • Five hour package: $320

Meet the Pros

Oliver Jones, PGA
Teaching Professional

Picture of Oliver Jones PGA Teaching Professional

Oliver joins Golf Anytime as a PGA teaching professional from the Metropolitan Section in New York. He has worked as an instructor at Kapalua Resort in Hawaii and Fishers Island Club in New York. Oliver is excited to bring his experience teaching to all levels of students in Utah.

“It is important to keep your game sharp during the cold winter months. Let’s get together and make some improvements using Golf Anytime’s State of the Art equipment”
– Oliver Jones, PGA
Phone: (406)-799-7807

Walter Allred

Teaching Professional

Walter Allred

Walter has been Golf Anytime’s resident teaching professional for the past 2 years and has taught hundreds of golf lessons to people of all ages and skill levels. Walter reduced his own handicap from 20 to +1 in just a few years. One of Walter’s most notable achievements is shooting a 5 under par, 67 from the men’s tees at The Links at Overlakes in Tooele, UT.

“This game doesn’t have to be so hard. Most of the time it’s a simple concept that will completely transform your game.”
– Walter Allred

Phone: 801-649-9197