Indoor Golf Salt Lake City

Indoor Golf Salt Lake City

Indoor Golf Salt Lake City

So you’re serious about taking
your game to the next level?…

Or maybe you’re simply trying to escape the cold Utah weather?

Whatever the case, Golf Anytime is the premiere choice for Indoor Golf Salt Lake City.

Gain access to the same exact indoor “Full Swing Golf Simulators” that Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Ian Poulter, Hunter Mahan, and Bill Haas use to fine-tune their own swings.

Stop wasting time and money hitting buckets of balls into the empty abyss at the outdoor driving range. Without proper monitoring, and feedback, you can only rely on your gut.  Our accurate “launch monitors” will show you what’s really going on with your golf swing.

Keep a detailed history of each and every shot, right along with the key “swing metrics” you need to start making a real difference in your game. Including swing speed, swing path, and club face at impact.

Our indoor golf simulators are perfect for discovering the average carry distances and total distances for each and every club in your bag. This is the only way to confidently know which club to choose when playing on the golf course.

When you’re ready to put your golf swing to the test, choose between any of our 67 virtual courses. Including Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines, and St. Andrews! Here’s a complete list of virtual courses.

If you’re ready to up your game and play some indoor golf Salt Lake City is the place and Golf Anytime is the space. Give us a call at (801) 413-3568 and we’ll get you plugged-in.