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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need to sign a legal waiver to participate in golfing activities at Golf Anytime?
A: Yes. Golfing can result in injury - to yourself or to others. Heck, golf clubs are considered weapons by the TSA. While good common sense by our customers generally prevails, and we've never had anyone injured so far at Golf Anytime since we began operations in 2013, we still require all customers sign a waiver, which is available on our website here (link).


Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: If something comes up that will prevent you from attending your session, we kindly ask that you call or text to cancel as soon you know, so we can create an opening for another customer. If you haven't arrived within 10 minutes of your scheduled time, we generally will attempt to contact you by text or email to determine if you are still coming. If we cannot contact you, after 15 minutes we will remove your reservation and reach out to our wait list to notify them of the unexpected availability. Regrettably, for customers who failed to notify us of their need to cancel in a timely fashion, we will require payment at the time of the reservation for their future sessions.

Q: The time I wanted to select was unavailable. How do I get on your wait list?

A: Our wait list is managed by our staff and is based upon the time of your request. Please call, send a text, or email to be placed on the wait list; please clearly state the date and time for which you would like to play.


Q: I booked a 90 minute session, but I arrived late by 30 minutes (or left early by 30 minutes). Do I need to pay for 90 minutes, or only the 60 minutes I used?

A: Generally, we require payment for the full time reserved regardless of how much time you used; this is because we are open for retail customers on a limited basis and by reserving a spot, other golfers were unable to play during this time. However, Golf Anytime is a relationship business, where we value the long-tenured relationships of our customers, and as such, if you are a customer in good standing and have a history with us, we will work with you in such situations.

Q: I would like to play for only 30 minutes - I don't see that product offered - what is the price for just 30 minutes (or a fraction of an hour)?

A: Our minimum time allotment is for 60 minutes. You are welcome to book a 60 minute reservation and use only 30 minutes, but we generally will require a payment for the full 60 minutes. Exceptions would include times at the end of our day where there occasionally is a 30 or 45 minute "stub" slot, in which case we would accommodate a 30 or 45 minute session, and the pricing is pro rata (e.g. for 30 minutes, it would be 50% of the one hour price).



Q: Do you have rental clubs, or do I need to bring my own?

A: We have clubs available for rent, including both right handed and left handed sets. For the 2021-2022 season, our rental prices are:

  • $5.00 plus tax per session per simulator for the Wilson clubs (mid-grade quality, standard height), or

  • $10.00 plus tax per session per simulator for the TaylorMade clubs (high end quality, standard height, stiff shaft or regular shaft)

Of course, we have many customers who bring their own clubs; we welcome that practice.​


Q: Do you have food and beverage on site?

A: We have a wide array of Coke and Pepsi products on site, including Monster energy drinks for sale. We have a wide range of candy and nutrition bars available for sale. We do not have hot food or sandwiches on site, although we encourage customers to bring in such food and enjoy it with their session.

Q: Do you serve beer or other beverages containing alcohol?

A: Because we employ staff who are under the age of 21, we cannot serve alcohol. We have had guests consume their BYOB beverages outside on the Gallivan Plaza - a public space - and then return to their game in Golf Anytime. As best we can determine, this is a legal approach to consuming alcohol during your Golf Anytime session. Gotta love Utah's alcohol laws... 

Q: What is the pricing for on-site food and beverage?


  • Water: $1.00 per bottle

  • Soda: $2.00 per bottle

  • Monster Energy: $3.00 per can

  • Candy: $2.00 per bar / bag of M&Ms, $3.00 for king-sized bars


Q: What is the price for a non-participant (i.e. one who is not playing golf)?

A: We do not charge for an observer. However, we can envision someone getting rather creative with this general policy and bringing in four people, no one golfing, and instead conducting a business meeting. In such a situation, we would charge the "private party" rate, pro rata for the number of people.

Q: Is the space conducive to business meetings?

A: Yes. We have had many businesses hold meetings at Golf Anytime, during which slide presentations have been made using the TVs or projector screens. The cost of the space is a very affordable $100.00 per hour in the 2021-2022 season, subject to availability of staffing.

Q: Do you validate for parking?

A: We sell for $3.00 parking validation stickers for the parking garage underneath the Gallivan Plaza, which is good for the full day. See our website page "Parking" for further details about how to access the parking garage.

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